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Bring Shops Back To Dover - Do Dover Justice

We, the undersigned, want Dover District Council and The Dover Chamber of Commerce to: Work with local landlords of existing empty outlets in for example the Charlton Shopping Centre and other empty shops in and around town to do everything they can to persuade large branded shops to set up trade in Dover. The Council keep talking about grand multi-million pound investments by demolishing the area by town wall street to build lets there but before this is even considered they need to fill the main towns shops first. It is cheaper, more logical and the infrastructure already exists! For example the property what used to be occupied by Poundstop on London road is a perfect fit for the likes of Wilkinsons, a Tesco Metro Store, a Sainsburys store (again) and so on. With Wilkinsons senior estate manager expressing potential interest from me making 1 phone call and 1 email just think what 10,000 people could do or 20,000 even. How can we get bigger shops or new sole traders here? You offer them incentives to move here i.e. reduced rents or rates for a limited time or something of these sorts. Think about it surely wouldn't a landlord rather a shop filled with tenants paying reduced rates than empty shops costing them money. It is time the residences made a difference and turn a failing town into a prosperous town instead of dallying about council workers who only care about receiving a hefty bonus for putting a town on it's knees!

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